This page is dedicated to the sensational Ligma-Chan!

For those who are unaware, Ligma-Chan is a totally real and original character, based off the disease Ligma! (And nothing else, she's 100% original)

Below are each and every know images of Ligma-Chan, excluding the image shown above

A personal favourite drawn by my friend Skylar it looks cute

The beginning of a Ligma-Chan redesign, thanks to my friend Rex

Arguably the most well drawn Ligma Chan as of writing this, made by Jellybean/Olivia. (Had to be downsized)

While not a TRUE Ligma-Chan, this one deserves credit. Drawn by my friend Kel over on CrowCult!

To any willing artists willing to draw Ligma-Chan, contact me at or The Worm's Denn discord

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